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Variation on the Word Sleep:

Beautiful, evocative poem by Margaret Atwood.

Strepsils advert:

Suck it and to speak.


Documentary narration sample.

Galaxy Amicelli advert:

Sexy chocolate stuff.

Army Recruitment radio advert:

It's not all about your teenage exam results.


A range of advert and narrative clips if you don't have time to listen to them.

BBC Radio 2:

Some general news , weather and chat with Janice Long and Simon Mayo.

Edinburgh coverage:

Gabbling on Radio Five Live about the Edinburgh Fringe - which I adore!

IVR phone line:

I've recorded lots of these. My first client was back in 2002. I'm still there!

Radio 2 Arts show:

Interview at the British Museum broadcast in March 2011.

Travelogue narration:

Description of the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg.


Talking about food? That's my dream voiceover job! Here's how the show would sound if I was doing it.

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